Our People

Our Winemakers

We've followed in the footsteps of our founder and our first Chief Winemaker until 1890, Thomas Hardy. Ever since it has been our Chief Winemaker's responsibility to continue Thomas’ vision of creating ‘wines that will be prized in the markets of the world’.

Paul Lapsley

Chief Winemaker —

Paul Lapsley is our 19th Chief Winemaker and, like all his predecessors, his mission is to fulfil Thomas Hardy’s vision of creating ‘wines that would be prized in all markets around the world’. His dedication and passion for winemaking ensures that all of our wines continue to push the boundaries of viticulture whilst maintaining the high quality of wines for which Hardys is famous. Paul’s incredible palate brings a distinct quality and character to all his wines.

Our Family

Since Thomas Hardy founded the company in 1853, six generations of the Hardy family have worked for the business – across the business, from the vineyard to the winery and beyond.

Thomas Hardy

Thomas Hardy Nottage

Eileen Hardy

Sir James Hardy

Bill Hardy

Our Team

Wines are not the product of one person, and Hardys Wines are no different, we are lucky to have some of the most talented viticulture and winemaking teams around. From our dedicated growers, to the hard working people bringing Hardys Wines to customers around the world, our family is made up of so many people.