A richer red forged in flames.

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Hardys CHAR NO.3 is a range of bold rich reds, aged in charred oak barrels. Charred barrels impart distinct characteristics and a deep complexity to the wine. The degree of barrel charring increases on a scale from No.1 to No.4 – the highly charred No.3 barrel enhances the roasted coffee and chocolate characters, revealing a subtle toasty flavour and smooth finish.

The Making of the Label

The artwork adorning the label was created by artist Steven Spazuk, who has mastered the technique of painting with fire and smoke. There's a kind of spiritual element to watching him work, moving the flame around a blank canvas, creating a masterpiece out of charred residue.

Char No.3 

Augmented Reality App

Bring the story to life –

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CHAR NO.3 Comes to Life

CHAR NO.3 combines the strength of McLaren Vale with vibrant fruit aromas and the bold rich flavours of charred oak barrels.